About ASCF

The Amanda Styles Cirelli Foundation has been created in memory of Amanda (Mandy) who passed away at the young age of 29 on December 23, 2007 after her courageous battle with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Mandy received treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Sadly, Mandy lost her battle from cancer after only 8 months from diagnosis.

Our inspiration to form ASCF, was Mandy’s love for children. Mandy found her passion of making a difference among children at a young age. She worked at a local day camp babysat, then later worked at a local daycare/learning center. It was no surprise to anyone when Mandy obtained her Masters Degree in Elementary Education so she could pursue her talents and teach children.

Mandy was a devoted teacher, arriving early, staying late, and taking extra classes to further enhance her knowledge in teaching techniques. Most of all she truly loved her job. Even while Mandy was receiving her chemo and radiation treatments, she was determined to continue teaching.

Aunt Mandy was an amazing Aunt to all of her nieces. She always looked forward to each visit she had with them. Mandy also enjoyed talking, reading, singing with them on the phone, and most of all receiving pictures of her nieces via email or cell phone. There were never enough pictures sent! Aunt Mandy had a very special and unique bond with each one of her 4 nieces (Isabel, Brianna, Aliyah, and Raegan) as well as her little cousin (Nathan). She was thrilled to know she would have a fifth niece due to enter the world in the Spring!

Mandy also shared her love with all of her friends’ children. She loved each of them as if they were her very own nieces and nephews!

Mandy was always concerned about the children she saw at the hospital undergoing treatment. She often spoke about how upsetting it was to see them and their families going through such hardships.

Mandy’s love for ALL the children in her life was truly immeasurable! This is why in memory of Mandy, we know she would have wanted us to continue her passion, and focus on improving the lives of children.